About Us



I'm Anne Buteau, Owner of K.I.S.Trace UK, with Lola, my K.I.S.Trace pony who lived till she was 40yrs old!

Welcome to our store! 

I'm originally from Suffolk, but have been working as a hoof care professional in Virginia, USA since 2001.

My hoof care education began in 1999 and hasn't stopped since... 2002 Diploma from Institute of Applied Podiatry, 2006 American Association of Natural Hoofcare Practitioners certification,  2009 Member American Hoof Association, 2010 Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Member and Mentor. 

In the 2000's hoof care providers like myself realized there was an important link between nutrition and hoof health. You cannot grow a healthy hoof on an unhealthy horse.

Forage should make up the majority of a horse's diet, but it is often deficient in essential trace minerals, and other nutrients.

Hoofcare Professional Patrice Sager (PHCP Member and Mentor), found existing supplements lacking in effectiveness, so working with professional nutritionists she created K.I.S.Trace in 2018.

K.I.S. stands for "Keep It Simple"! You can feed one supplement to all kinds of equines to balance the base forage diet.

Better quality hoof growth, skin and coat improvement, and other unexpected health improvements frequently occur, once a horse is getting sufficient essential trace minerals especially if it has been deficient before. 

The Original K.I.S.Trace Powder is now being MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED IN THE UK and is called "K.I.S.TraceUK".

The 8kg bag provides a 63 day supply for a 500kg equine. You just adjust the dose by weight for whatever size horse, pony, donkey, or mule that you have.

I have worked for 25 backbreaking years rehabilitating and maintaining equines feet, and this supplement has really helped make my trimming more effective as the horses are getting what they need.