Testimonials and photos

Testimonials and pictures:

Starlet, 21 year old Dartmoor cross showing off her natural shine. Thank you K.I.S.Trace®  for making her look great. Look at those dapples!

Anne Buteau, PHCP Member and Mentor



"K.I.S.Trace® has quality bioavailable ingredients in the amounts necessary to produce results.

I have been feeding this to my herd for over a year and recommending it to horse owners as well. Results are noticed in a short amount of time for many which include a tighter hoof connection, thicker / tougher soles, and walls. I love this product!"

Geri White is a professional hoof care provider and has an Equine Sciences Degree, Natural Hoof Care Certification, and is a Field Instructor for the Equine Sciences Academy.



Chelsea, 30 yr old Arab mare fed K.I.S.Trace. Look at her great feet!

Pics: Anne Buteau PHCP Member and Mentor



"After using K.I.S. Trace® for over one year, I am pleasantly surprised with the results I see with my equine patients. We have seen multiple horses that have been able to come out of muzzles and graze like normal horses and lose their crests and fat pads.

We have also seen horses that have had improved hoof growth and improved coat/skin quality. Occasionally we have had a few issues with palatability and owners worked with horses to encourage ingestion.

Here are some stories:

  1. One client started 2 out of 3 horses in a pasture on the supplement. The three horses had all been in muzzles and overweight/ insulin resistant last year. This year, the two on the supplement are out of muzzles, eating and grazing normally and not overweight, but the third horse is still overweight, and still in his grazing muzzle. We also noticed that both of the horses on the supplement were not slobbering, and the third horse has been slobbering most of the summer.
  2. I have a client with a pony and every horse on her property (which is not big, but has lots of grass) get overweight and looks insulin resistant. After trying multiple herbals, insulin-resistant supplements and thyroid supplementation with no improvement, we decided to try K.I.S. Trace®. The pony now looks normal, no fat pads, and his feet are improving after a bout of mild laminitis last year. He is out on grass all the time and doing great.
  3. My own 21-year-old pony was getting increasing ACTH values yearly (testing every July) and also had fat pads and a crusty neck with fat pads over the rib cage and tail head. If she went out with the other horses she never stopped grazing and would balloon up overnight. Last year she spent all summer in a small dry lot and still looked overweight at the end of the summer. I started her on K.I.S. Trace® this Winter. What I have noticed is that she never developed any fat pads this spring. She has been on 24-hour turn out all year with my other two horses and she takes breaks, grazes, sleeps etc. She doesn’t constantly eat. She also has maintained a perfect weight this year. Her ACTH values have dropped significantly and are now within the normal range after being elevated for over 2 years. I have started all 3 of my horses on the supplement and I am now feeding the exact same thing to all three (my skinny old Thoroughbred, my older Arab and my fat pony) and they are all looking great. KIS Trace has made managing my barn so much easier and made life a lot easier."

Dr. Ann-Marie B. Hancock, DVM
True North Equine Veterinary Services in Warrenton, VA