The K.I.S.TraceUK Difference

Why "K.I.S.TraceUK"? The K, I, and S stand for Keep It Simple!!

  • K.I.S.TraceUK is a high quality forage balancer designed to fill in the nutritional gaps in an equine's basic diet.
  • Water, forage, salt, omega 3's plus K.I.S.TraceUK is a basic diet that all horses can benefit from and is sufficient for many.
  • Organic amino acid complexes and chelates of essential trace minerals are used for better nutritional intake.
  • K.I.S.TraceUK uses the best, research proven products (Zinpro Performance Minerals® and other high-quality ingredients).
  • You can feed one trace mineral supplement to all types of equines, by just adjusting the dose according to weight. 
  • K.I.S.TraceUK includes necessary trace elements not found in most other supplements.
  • K.I.S.TraceUK offers value for money, with sufficient quantities of ingredients per weight-based dose to make a positive difference in equines hooves, and overall health. 
  • Good health = fewer veterinary visits = saves you money

From a basic forage-based diet, a particular horse's additional needs relating to workload, individual health status, age, etc. can be addressed.



We believe that Zinpro Performance Minerals® are "the gold standard" for minerals:

  • Zinpro manufactures their minerals via a unique proprietary process in which trace minerals are bound to an amino acid ligand (a type of molecule or ion that binds to a metal).
  • Zinpro's patented minerals utilize a unique pathway for absorption, through the highly active amino acid transporters, which allow the trace minerals to be efficiently absorbed and utilized by the animal.
  • This results in a higher delivery of trace minerals to all organs, tissues, and enzyme systems.
  • To learn more about trace mineral, nutrition, and performance visit, click Resources, search Equine 
Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the foundation that K.I.S.TraceUK is built upon and we believe that makes our product the gold standard for equine nutrition supplementation.