K.I.S.TraceUK: the creation of the product

The creation of K.I.S.TraceUK:

This premium nutritional supplement is being manufactured for K.I.S.Trace UK, using a UK production facility, to ensure the product complies with all regulations. The product is distributed from a centrally located warehouse to ensure efficient distribution across the UK.

However, the creation of the product happened in the USA when Patrice Sager, a 15yr+ PHCP/AHA certified professional hoof care provider, realized something was missing from the existing hoof supplements on the market.

Something was preventing horses reaching their optimum levels of hoof health. Patrice has always had a passion for nutrition and whole horse health, so she researched and studied until she found the best quality sources of trace minerals and other ingredients on the market. Then she could develop a nutritionally superior product to benefit the equines in her hoof care practice, that she called K.I.S.Trace (Keep It Simple) 

As well as better quality hoof growth, the overall health of equines being given K.I.S.Trace improved in unexpected ways. Patrice launched her product in 2018 and since then, K.I.S.Trace has helped 1000's of horses, ponies and donkeys in the USA and Canada. 

We believe K.I.S.TraceUK will be as beneficial for equine health in this country, as the original product has proven to be in the USA.