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K.I.S.Trace UK

K.I.S.Trace Powder Original UK 24kg (3 x 8kg bags)

K.I.S.Trace Powder Original UK 24kg (3 x 8kg bags)

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K.I.S.TraceUK provides minerals, vitamins and amino acids to support hoof growth and overall health. Only top-quality ingredients with optimum absorbability and metabolic availability are used in K.I.S.TraceUK, to fill in gaps in the diets of equines.


Not all trace minerals perform in the same manner. Many forms of trace minerals are not soluble, absorbable, stable, AND metabolically available which may result in less-than-optimal results. The ZINPRO minerals used in K.I.S.TraceUK DO have all these attributes, and we are sure you will find your equines experiencing improved general health and well-being.

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