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Introductory Price K.I.S.Trace Powder Original UK (1 x 8kg bag)

Introductory Price K.I.S.Trace Powder Original UK (1 x 8kg bag)

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We are offering you the chance to purchase K.I.S.TraceUK at this introductory price until 31 July 2024! 

We use Zinpro Performance Minerals® organic amino acid trace mineral complexes and chelates for better nutritional intake, to support optimal health, hooves, breeding, and performance...

Provides daily necessary supplementation of zinc and other micro minerals to help your horse feel and perform better. K.I.S.Trace includes necessary trace minerals missing from most other supplements.

FEED THE FULL DOSE FOR YOUR EQUINES WEIGHT DAILY, for the optimum level of nutrients and results.

K.I.S.TraceUK offers value for money. Don't waste your money on cheap supplements with ineffective ingredients or insufficient quantities per dose.

Since 2018, 1000's of horses, ponies and donkeys in the US and Canada have experienced improved health and wellness when fed K.I.S.Trace.

Feed K.I.S.TraceUK to support your equine's health and have lower veterinary and farrier bills!

The 8kg bag contains a 63 day supply for a 500kg equine.

Feeding Directions:
Feed 2 level scoops (126g) per 500kg horse per day (scoop included).
Adjust dose according to weight of equine.
Feed the same dose for a horse, pony, donkey OR mule!
500kg equine:  2 level scoops per day
250kg                1 level scoop  per day
125kg            1/2 level scoop  per day

Offer ends 30 June 2024, so order now!


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